The Pacific Northwest's Premiere Yacht Yard Since 1927

Family Owned Maintenance, Construction & Restoration of the Finest Wooden Yachts Since 1927

Jensen Motor Boat Company has been continuously in business on Portage Bay in Seattle constructing, maintaining & restoring the finest wooden runabouts & yachts since 1927.  Since our founding Jensen Motor Boat has built hundreds of custom wooden craft and rebuilt thousands of others.

Perhaps our most notable accomplishment was the design and construction of number of the world’s fastest hydroplanes including the five time Gold Cup champion & world speed record holders Slo-mo-shun IV and V.

IMG_1214SMMany of the yachts we have restored or maintain were built by the finest craftsmen of their era.

We pride ourselves on our long history maintaining and restoring yachts from builders including Baglietto, Abeking & Rasmussen, Henry B. Nevins, Hinckley Yachts, Concordia, Grand Banks, Blanchard Boat Co. and of course, many of the beautiful yachts designed & constructed right here at Jensen Motor Boat Co.

Today Jensen Motor Boat Co. has grown in reputation to become the west coast’s premier wooden yacht yard.

We now specialize in restoration, maintenance, new construction and design.  We offer indoor storage facilities for runabouts, have an on-site woodshop with full milling capabilities, a metal fabrication/machine shop,  a marine railway for yachts up to 90 feet and 12-ton hoist in the main building for yachts to 44 feet (waterline).

IMG_8459SMWhile the hallmarks of quality craftsmanship in today’s boats may seem less abundant than they once were, we strive to deliver our clients a breathtaking sense of perfection in every project we complete, whether wood, composite or modern construction.

What we offer is unique.

  • Unequaled experience
  • Deep historical knowledge & technical understanding
  • Scientific & technical expertise
  • Versatility
  • Open to new ideas and customer involvement
  • Attention to detail
  • An all consuming passion for the craft

We are dedicated to the ideals of devotional artisanship, attention to proportion, beauty of line, pleasing scale, and hand-crafted detailing utilizing time honored materials. This uncompromising ethic imbues our work with an uncommon gravity and beauty.


Jensen Motor Boat Company was founded by Tony Jensen whose first boat building job was at the Moran Ship Yard in 1906.

sc0057In 1925, Tony started a new boat building business in the Greenlake area of North Seattle. He rented building space from Miller Aircraft. Once his new boats were completed he would haul them down to Portage Bay for launching ceremonies.

The property for the Jensen Motor Boat Company on Portage Bay was purchased by Tony and Bessie Jensen and two Partners in 1927 and has been in the same location since.

Since its founding in the 1920′s, Jensen Motor Boat has built hundreds of custom classic wooden boats and rebuilt thousands of others. Jensen has been renowned for their dedication to quality and revolutionary methods of wood construction.

The Slo-Mo-Shun Era

In the 1950′s, son Anchor Jensen co-designed and built the Slo-mo-shun IV and V. Jensen’s Slo-mo-shun IV became the prototype for all hydroplane builders for the next 15 years.

In 1950, Slo-mo IV smashed the “World Water Speed Record” and then won the Gold Cup inIMG_0007 Detroit and claiming victory for the City of Seattle. This kicked off the incredible string of victories the Slo-mo team would achieve over the next five years with five straight Gold Cup victories, winning the Harmsworth Trophy and breaking the World Record Mile Run again in 1952 with a speed of 178.5 miles per hour.

During his career Anchor became one of the world’s foremost resources on wooden-boat technology. Anchor owned and managed the Jensen Motor Boat Company for 63 years until his death in 2000.

Soon after, Shipwright’s Peter Proctor and former Anchor Jensen apprentice Steve Evavold succeeded Anchor as Jensen Motor Boat Co’s management team.

Bringing Home the World Record

Environmental Leadership at Jensen Motor Boat Co.

Jensen Motor Boat Co. is designated a Washington Clean Boatyard and we are proud to be a pioneer in the industry when it comes to protecting the beautiful environment we all enjoy so much.

Like our customers, we are boaters and deeply committed to protecting the environment & ecosystems which have become such a deep and meaningful part of our lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Being an environmentally conscious member of the community takes more than just filling out a checklist and insuring we meet today’s regulations.  As boaters we all know that the list of toxic products available in the industry is long, but many remain poorly regulated or regarded as safe under current regulation.

No one wants to work with unsafe products, so we work to insure that the products we use go beyond what is required, protecting both our employees and the environment.  That commitment extends beyond our legal requirement.

The long list of procedures we follow at Jensen Motor Boat include absolute insistence on comprehensive copper, tin & other heavy metal dust management,  vacuum sanders on all jobs, fully contained wash-down areas and waste water recycling via a custom built, in-house treatment system, along with a host of other protocols which protect both our employees and the environment far beyond state, local & federal requirement.

Jensen Motor Boat Co. is not only in full compliance with all applicable Local, State & Federal Ecology regulations (and many others out of our own concern for our shared waters), we insist on true stewardship of our shared environment, going above and beyond what’s legally required with all of our operational & management practices.

Clean Boating Foundation